Support from Pregnancy to Parenting

Empowering new parents with
professional care, support and education

New baby.... not sure what to do.... feeling lost?

Empowering new parents to believe in themselves and nurture their baby in the way that’s right for their family is what we do here at The Parenting Place. We are passionate and committed to helping families at our professional North Brisbane studio located, just out of Samford. 

Nicole, Kate and Chantelle. A team you can trust

We’re here to help you nurture your baby in the way that’s right for you.

As mum’s we’ve been through the transition to parenthood ourselves so know firsthand how hard it can be.

As trained health professionals we’ve worked with hundreds of parents, so we know how the right support can create a happy, healthy, thriving family.

We’ll guide you with support that’s as personal and unique as  your family

We’ll be there to answer your questions before your baby is born and we’ll be there to listen after baby arrives.

We will support you with:

Breastfeeding and lactation support, infant sleep, looking after yourself, first aid, introducing solids, introducing you to other mums, general and parenting support.

How we can help

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Antenatal & Postnatal Care

We run full programs or individual workshops for new parents to help guide you through ‘The Fourth Trimester’. We cover all things ‘New Baby’ including feeding, sleeping, settling, recognising infant cues, securing good attachment with your baby and tips to help maintain your own well being as parents.

We also run antenatal (or postnatal if you miss the boat) sessions targeted at preparing for the arrival of your baby and what to expect after your baby is born.

baby CPR and baby first aid course in Brisbane with The Parenting Place

Infant & Child First Aid

We are Emergency & Intensive Care trained Paediatric Nurses. We are also mums ourselves and realise the importance of knowing what to do when faced with an emergency.

Classes include lots of hands on education on our infant and child laerdal manikins.

Our classes include CPR, choking, respiratory/ gastrointestinal illnesses, allergies/ anaphylaxis, head injuries and a whole lot more.

new parents support program The Circle of Security Parenting Program at The Parenting Place Brisbane North


Parenting is hard…and then it’s easy… and then it’s hard. Parenting can be a constant juggle. We are here to provide new parenting support services and education. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you including the Circle of Security parent program, infant behaviours, cues, and settling techniques as well as sleep cycle information. 

We also have you covered in an emergency as we are experienced educators that regularly run infant and child first aid sessions.

parenting support services with breastfeeding and lactation support with the Parenting Place Brisbane

Lactation and Breastfeeding

Most women as they embark on the journey to motherhood want to breastfeed. We believe getting your breastfeeding journey off to a great start through evidence based advice with a caring Lactation Consultant is imperative to your success. 

We are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) who have also breastfed our own children. Our philosophy is to work in partnership to create a breastfeeding journey that is right for you….no judgement, just honest advice and a genuine plan.

You are pregnant for nine months, preparing for the birth of your baby, but have you thought about when you bring your baby home and what will happen over the next nine months?

We have worked with hundreds of parents preparing them for parenthood and the ups and downs that come with it. 

This unique session provides you with essential knowledge on understanding your baby’s cues and behaviours, how to communicate and care for your baby, getting breastfeeding off to the best start, normal sleep behaviours, looking after yourself, how partners can help and bond with the new baby and where you can go for help. We are passionate about empowering parents to be with normal infant behaviours and setting realistic expectations. 

This workshop is ideally attended by both parents to be.

Bookings essential and places are limited. The cost is $160 per couple or $85 per individual (+booking fee if booked through Eventbrite).

Afternoon tea and refreshments will be provided.

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new parent support program Brisbane North at The Parenting Place
new dad family parenting support services in Brisbane North at The Parenting Place

Prior to delivering my second baby, I optimistically believed breastfeeding would be easier. It was my second time around, surely my body would do things better this time. This was not to be. Like my first daughter, my milk was delayed in coming in and my supply was never naturally enough to feed my baby. I also genuinely believed the struggles of breastfeeding would not stress me as much the second time around. Again, I was wrong. The worry a mother has for her newborn receiving sufficient volumes of milk to adequately put on weight does not change no matter how many children you have. What I did have this time around was Nicole’s support. Knowing my daughter had lost quite a bit of weight in hospital and the concern from medical staff around her regaining that weight and thriving, I knew I would need to utilise Nicole’s services to have her weighed weekly and to make sure she was putting on sufficient weight. What I didn’t appreciate was what an incredible support Nicole would be for the next 3 months.

Every week I would go in, weigh my daughter and Nicole would offer suggestions and guidance on how to increase supply and reassure me I was doing a great job and everything would be fine. At no point was there any pressure to do anything, just an ear to listen and offer suggestions. What I loved about Nicole was her ability to empathise and provide guidance based on her own personal was incredible to have someone to talk to weekly who understood my struggles and how stressful breastfeeding can be. I feel so grateful to have had Nicole’s weekly support for those first few trying months. I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, caring and incredibly experienced.