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Infant & Child First Aid

baby CPR and baby first aid course in Brisbane with The Parenting Place






Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is something all parents want to know. Book with us for small, hands on practical courses that will empower you with all the knowledge and skills you need for when you least expect it.

We have a background in Paediatric Emergency, Intensive Care, Cardiac, Midwifery, Child Health and Lactation. We are trained educators, who are passionate at ensuring all parents have access to this vital knowledge and hands on training.

Sessions are held in our private studio, with a maximum of eight and a minimum of four participants. We are happy for you to get a group of friends together at a time that is suitable to you, or join one of our open sessions. Please contact us to see when the next session is.

Each baby first aid session is very hands on and you will benefit from being able to practice on our first aid manikins with thorough feedback and tips. You will receive training material, light refreshments all in a relaxing, beautiful venue.

Each session runs for approximately  2 1/2 hours (please allow extra time for questions).

There is no accredited course in Australia for baby and child first aid, but you will receive an attendance/ completion certificate and more than enough knowledge and support.

Cost for our baby and infant first aid course

$85 per person

$140 for a couple

$500 Private group of eight

Baby and Child First Aid for Parents

Know exactly what to do when your child needs you.

Learn practical first aid skills from qualified emergency nurses who will share the latest information and techniques. 

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