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Postnatal Care

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parenting support services with breastfeeding and lactation support with the Parenting Place Brisbane


Parenting can be hard… it can be full of breathtaking moments…sleepless nights…and times of doubt.

We are here to support you with your precious new baby. Questions, concerns, a general check-up or a friendly chat. We are here for you at our beautiful, relaxed studio located in Highvale, just out of Samford in North Brisbane.

Navigating your way as you transition through the postpartum period to parenthood is a journey like no other.

We hold private Lactation Consultations with an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). We also offer breastfeeding group education classes, which are more cost effective, and give you the opportunity to hear and see from other mothers about their breastfeeding journey. We also offer education on how to effectively supplement your baby if required through the use of paced bottle feeding or using a supplemental nursing system.

You may be eligible for private health rebates for this service depending on your provider and cover.

We offer Child Health check-ups at a free weekly drop-in clinic for all of our clients.

Our support continues right through your parenting journey with the Circle of Security (COS) Parent Program and Triple PPP Positive Parenting education, as well as starting solids and help with sleep and settling your baby.

Our Postpartum Care Supports the Whole You

The Parenting Place practices holistic care. That is, we are concerned about your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We can refer to a vast number of allied health professionals when needed or requested.

Join Our Brisbane Mothers Group

We can also connect you with our Brisbane Mother’s Group. It’s so important, especially if you’re a first-time mum, to connect with other like-minded mum’s who are going through and experiencing the same feelings and situations you are. You’re not alone! But all too often as mum’s, we feel like we are. Which is why connecting with a local mother’s group can help.

it takes a village to raise a child

Being a new parent can be hard at the best of times. With the current social distancing measures in place due to the COVID 19 pandemic, feeling isolated and unable to access support is an unfortunate reality.

Please access these wonderful organisations for tips on looking after yourself as a new parent. To have a healthy state of mind is so important, we encourage you to please reach out and contact us if you need support.

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