Online Learning & Breastfeeding Consultation



Online Learning & Breastfeeding Consultation

Includes a detailed  and unique plan for you and your baby. This is provided via email after the telehealth consultation.

Access to online videos and resources about preparing for breastfeeding and what to expect in your babies first 12 months. Newborn behaviours, sleep and settling. Feeding your baby. You will feel empowered with evidence based advice. Get your breastfeeding journey off the best start, and feel confident in understanding your baby. We are there to answer any questions you may have about the online learning information.

Lots of support with contact via a weekly email to answer questions. A private forum which is moderated and checked daily by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Child Health Nurses. Once you have registered and purchased your package, you will be sent a link to a range of high quality videos and resources on preparing for breastfeeding and your babies first 12 months. This link may take up to 24 hours to come through to you after registration.

Registrations are for parents in the greater Brisbane area only to make sure we are tailoring our care. We want to be there to support you as much as we can in the future. We also hope you will come and visit us at our unique, modern studio for face to face consultations and groups in the future.

It is our priority to make sure it is safe for you and your baby to visit us during the current COVID 19 situation.

Our studio is in Samford, North Brisbane. Our staff look forward to welcoming you and inviting you to join in our range of workshops, groups and private sessions. Keep up to date with what is happening on our facebook and instagram pages.

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