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The Fourth Trimester

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The fourth trimester is all about looking after yourself, understanding your newborn baby and lactation support

We understand countless questions may go through your mind.

Is my baby gaining weight?

Is that normal? (Each baby is unique and most of the time yes)

I feel disconnected. (Talk to us and let us get you the support you need.)

Can I cuddle my baby to sleep? (Yes, you can) But won’t this create irreversible habits? (Absolutely not)

We will reassure you; we will support you and we will help you.

What Is The Fourth Trimester?

The Fourth Trimester is known as the 12 weeks after your baby is born. Many cultures consider this the most important trimester.

We offer a program to cover this period, making it affordable for you to access help throughout this whole period.

Our Promise To You

Not only are we Child Health Nurses/Midwives & International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). We are also emergency and intensive care trained and have a network of health professionals we can refer to if required.

Where and When

It is great if education regarding ‘The Fourth Trimester’ commences before your baby is born. We like to see women & their partners from 32-35 weeks. We hold educational sessions, both individual and group, in our gorgeous studio in the Samford Valley. We then engage with you once you are back at home with your baby.

Who Will Be By
My Side?

Kate, Nicole & Chantelle work closely together as a team to ensure that you have someone available to you as soon as possible.

We believe in continuity of care and building relationships with the women we work with and their partners.

What To Expect

Support for mother, baby and family

Breastfeeding Education – getting off to the best start.

What to expect at different stages after your baby is born e.g. 48 hours, one week, six weeks.

Recognising infant feeding and tired cues.

Two private lactation consultations.

A free weekly drop-in and weigh check.

Access to a new mother’s and parents’ group.

Infant and Child First Aid training.

Sleep & settling advice.

Starting solids.

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